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Flavors & Suggested Pairings

Cake Flavors

- Vanilla Bean - Vanilla Sponge Cake made with Madagascar vanilla beans

- Red Velvet -  Crimson​ red layers made with dutch cocoa powder and chocolate chips

- Lemon Poppy Seed - made with fresh Meyer lemon juice, grated lemon zest, and speckled with poppy seeds 

-Chocolate Fudge- Made with rich semi-sweet chocolate and dutch cocoa

-Marble Cake - rich ribbons of chocolate fudge cake and vanilla bean

-Birthday Cake- Vanilla sponge with heaps of sprinkles


Buttercream Filling



-Cookies and Cream 




-Birthday Cake Buttercream

Compotes (optional)



Curds (optional)

-Meyer Lemon


Ganache (optional)


-Hazelnut Chocolate

-White Chocolate

Texture Toppings

-Crushed Oreos

-Fresh Strawberries

Suggested Cake Pairings

Vanilla Bean Cake

​-Vanilla buttercream + mango buttercream

-Vanilla buttercream + raspberry compote

-Cookies and Cream buttercream  + crushed Oreos

Zesty Lemon Cake

-Vanilla buttercream + blueberry compote

-Vanilla buttercream + raspberry compote

Chocolate Fudge Cake

-Chocolate ganache + raspberry compote

-Cookies and Cream buttercream + crushed Oreos

-Vanilla buttercream + chocolate ganache

Cupcake Flavors

- Vanilla Bean + vanilla buttercream

- Red Velvet + vanilla buttercream

- Lemon Poppy Seed + vanilla buttercream 

-Marble + vanilla buttercream

-Chocolate Fudge + vanilla buttercream

-Birthday Cake + vanilla buttercream

-Salted Carmel - chocolate cake + salted caramel drizzle + vanilla buttercream + topped with a pretzel

-Cookies and Cream - chocolate cake + cookies and cream buttercream + topped with an Oreo

Cakesicles, Cake Bars, Cake Pops, and Cake Heart Flavors

*One flavor per dozen

- Vanilla

- Red Velvet

- Lemon


-Chocolate Fudge

-Birthday Cake

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